It's 'What Did You Bring Me?' Time at Weekly Open Thread



Yeah, thats smelly feet candy from a British sweets shop
  • Yeah, that's smelly feet candy from a British sweets shop
Bites discussion turned to vacation food a couple of weeks back. Not surprisingly, many Bites visitors plan vacations around eating, in the same the way bluegrass people visit music festivals, and sports fans build a trip around a professional ballgame.

It just takes a couple of great eateries in an area to pretty much set an itinerary. When it's time to go home, it seems a shame to leave empty-handed. After all, you visited, in part, for the food. That explains how I came home with a big wodge of Stilton from England, and Hubs brought back pounds of cheese from Holland. We plan for cheese. We're cheese people.

All over the city, suitcases are being aired out, and I know you've got pastrami, pralines, muffulettas and more in there. Without getting into trouble, give us a tip: What did you bring back from wherever your travels took you, not just this summer, but any time?

Besides that, this thread is open, and it really is yours — take it where you will.

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