Battle of the Food Trucks at Greer Stadium Oct. 2



After our cover story on Nashville's accelerating food truck scene ran a few weeks ago, we got a fair amount of email. Some of it asked, "Where can I try one of these food trucks?" (Here are our listings, by the way, built-in Twitter feeds and all.) More asked, "How can we round up the food trucks in one place so I can try them all?" Sheer volume-wise, all the trucks is probably not feasible — unless Wanderland ends up being much, much bigger than originally planned — but the good people of The Tomorrow Fund are doing mobile-grub lovers a solid by putting on Nashville's first-ever Battle of the Food Trucks. Details are still being worked out, but here are the basics so far:

First Annual Battle of the Food Trucks. Sunday, Oct. 2, 3-6 p.m. at Greer Stadium. Admission: $25. (Bring one or two cans of food and you'll receive a drink ticket; bring three cans of food and receive two drink tickets. Canned food will be donated to Second Harvest.) Special guest: Arnold Myint. Attendees will be able to sample from the entire lineup of food trucks and vote for a champion.

(Here's where I almost started using baseball metaphors for everything — a fastball is often referred to as "cheese," after all, and RBI is often pronounced "rib-eye," to say nothing of Dave Niehaus' favorite home-run call, "Get out the rye bread and mustard, Grandma, it is grand salami time!" Lucky for us all, I thought better of it.)

Meanwhile, The Tomorrow Fund is, in their words, "a Nashville based nonprofit organization under the umbrella of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee ... that raises money for youth-based organizations via service and social events." And there you have it. As we find out more about this literal kitchen stadium event, we will report here on Bites. Depeche cuisine!

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