Sal's Family Pizza Brightens a Flooded Corner of Franklin



Cheesesteak at Sals Family Pizza
  • Cheese steak at Sal's Family Pizza

Hillsboro Road as it runs into Franklin still shows the signs of damage from the flooded Harpeth River in the shuttered stores along the way. But one place is moving along well.

Independence Square, 595 Hillsboro Road, has used the opportunity to spiff up this aging strip mall a bit.

Among the new businesses is Sal's Family Pizza, a true family-run pizza joint of the everyone wants in their neighborhood. It's a good addition to this corner of Franklin.

The whole family — I'm guessing the Servidio family, who own the place — hang there with their kids. Sal's has plenty of screens for maximum sports viewage. The pizza is thin crust and popular and surpasses expectations. There's a hefty, over-stuffed 12-inch cheese steak that's a knife-and-fork affair. The linguine with red clam sauce wasn't, as the board advertised, amazing, but maybe it will be next time.

Yep, it's a good place to hang around, get a casual meal, watch TV or meet for a beer. If you really, really like hanging around, Sal's Family Pizza has a double-dog-dare pizza challenge: eat a 36-inch cheese pizza in an hour and you win. Not sure what you win — maybe a 36-inch cheese pizza. But anyway, you'd have the neighborhood bragging rights.

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