Pizza Buds: A Greasy Slice of Heaven



When it comes to pizza, trust this guy.
  • Photo: Eric England
  • When it comes to pizza, trust this guy.
In this week's Scene, we include the briefest mention (which we hope to rectify soon) of Pizza Buds, the terrific new mobile pizza stand run by Jonny Kingbury, Kenny Gay and Ben Jones, which raises the bar yet again for Nashville's street eats.

If you went to last night's Dr. Dog show at Live on the Green on the Public Square, you likely saw a line down the street at Pizza Buds' truck window — we can only imagine their propane oven was blazing like Mordor's fires.

If you didn't, the Buds have what they're calling a grand opening 7 p.m. tonight at 1805 Rosebank Ave. in East Nashville, with live music from Oblio and Flora Shakespeare. To keep up with their appearances, follow them on Twitter.

And if you've got ideas about toppings and combinations, pass them along. Word is they're considering special pies for special occasions. ...

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