Monday Fun with Craigslist



Not everyone is looking for plastic bags, egg cartons or a broken chest freezer, but if they are, Craigslist is where it happens.

Here's a soul in need of deep freezers, whether they work or not. What you planning on with those things, bud?

Big batches of stuff are gonna be cooking when this guy gets hold of a deep fryer big enough for a turkey and your crock pot too.

Raise a roast to good health! Someone in the Columbia area wants to buy free-range, antibiotic-free poultry, pork and beef.

It'd be a pleasure to find a use for the cartons when the eggs are gone. Here's a polite, lovely person wants empty egg cartons for selling fresh eggs.

One person's junky plastic bags crammed under the sink is another person's, uh ... I have no idea.

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