Viking Cooking School's Farm to Table Class, Plus News About Discounted Classes


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There seems to be a lot of emphasis lately on the concept of "farm to table" as restaurants seek to source their food from local providers, and home chefs works to become locavores and hungrily dig through their CSA bushels.

Now the instructors at the Viking Cooking School in Franklin want to teach you how to get the most out of your farmers' market shopping trip with their class "Shop Like a Chef: A Trip to the Franklin Farmers' Market." The workshop is offered 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on several Saturdays this summer, including this Saturday, June 12.
Students will head to the Franklin market with a chef to select what they'll need for a cooking class later that afternoon at the school. You will learn how to talk to the farmers, pick out the freshest produce, understand the seasonality of food, etc.

Form the course description:

Have you ever wondered how chefs decide what goes on the daily menu? Now you can experience firsthand where that inspiration comes from. Finding out what looks good, feels good and most importantly, is in season! Join Chef Jamie Watson, as you go with him for a trip to the Franklin Farmers' Market, picking out the freshest bounties of the spring harvest as we take Farm to Table to a whole new level. The class menu will be totally dependent on what you discover. Perhaps a rustic frittata made with farm-fresh eggs and the day's best vegetable — a classic French tart with the days ripest fruit — the only thing that's certain is it will be the best the market has to offer!

Looks like fun, plus you get a meal out of the deal. I would imagine the class would pay for itself just from the helpful hints you'll learn about shopping straight from the source.

But if you are looking for even more savings, Viking has started to offer discounts on classes that do not sell out by reservation. Think of it as rush tickets. (Not Rush tickets, you Geddy Lee fans!) If you are adventurous and flexible in your scheduling, you can check out the schedule here and find out what classes are being offered at a 20 percent discount for the next week. I'm already ticked off that I missed the "Steakhouse Workshop." Yeah, I know it was a kids' class, but I could have really showed off my grill skills in front of those little whippersnappers.


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