Post-Deluge Kitchen Gear Shopping Style




Flood-damaged kitchen owners, set your sights high. Get the best of the good stuff when you rebuild, using this handy guide.

Case-in-point: This carbon fiber-handled refrigerator (at right) from Gorenje, whose sound-tracked, multi-channel, interactive website is too expensive to view with unshielded eyes. This atmospheric site doesn't explain why carbon fiber handles are better, and no pricing information is available, but those just add to the mystery of this wicked handsome beast.

Since you're the busy kind, you'll need gadgets that multitask, like this YouTube ready microwave, with a screen where the viewing window would normally be. You can watch "David After Dentist" or your kid's piano recital while the Lean Cuisine cooks. Just be sure to keep Annoying Orange videos far from this voice activated coffeemaker unless you want hilarity to ensue.


Finally, cooking is part science, part magic. This magnetized knife block uses hocus pocus (and strong internal magnets) to put those insurance-check investment knives into focus.

Flatbed toasters, espresso makers that clean up after themselves — there's plenty more, limited only by the size of your insurance settlement.


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