Electric Can Openers: The Princess Phone of Tomorrow



It's obvious that vinyl records and phone booths top the list of once-important cultural items that will be cocktail conversation for the next generation. "Oh, my grandparents had a dial phone!" or "I have a photo of my great-uncle that was taken with a Polaroid."

In trying to go deeper, I've started a list that includes saccharin tablets, tonsilectomies, dried parsley and tractor feed printers.

1958 General Electric can opener
  • 1958 General Electric can opener
And electric can openers. It was only 10 years ago that a friend was dumbfounded by the lack of electric can opener on my kitchen counter, and admittedly, I was a little embarrassed.

The California fresh revolution, better transportation and advances in freezing mean that months pass without a single can being opened for a recipe. The last one was probably coconut milk, which is best opened with a bottle opener.

An electric can opener just seems like another thing to clutter up the counter. And another item -- like the electric skillet -- that's no better in its electric version that a really good manual model.

Help complete the list of buggy whip items -- kitchen and otherwise. Or, maybe you just can't do without an electric can opener. That's worth hearing about, too.

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