First Bite: Lucky Bamboo Restaurant is a Fortunate Find



Add to the (very short) list of places to get weekend dim sum: Lucky Bamboo. It's been open for about a month in the vast space between K&S and Miss Saigon on Charlotte Pike, but on Sunday the parking lot was packed. I've never seen it that crowded in 10 years of visiting this shopping center, even when the Kroger was open.

Considerable investment has been made in the look of the place: the pagoda-esque bamboo façade, more bamboo architecture inside, murals, a big aquarium and a pool with a fountain. Lucky Bamboo put money into its good looks -- that would give it plenty of entertainment value. It reminded me of the old Blue Hawaii on White Bridge Road for the two of you longtime residents who might remember it.

The inside is big, with a front room and a back room. Eyeballing it, let's call it 20 to 30 percent bigger than La Hacienda. But butts were in the seats on Sunday for traditional dim sum. The servers apologized that the dim sum carts were moving slowly, but dim sum isn't speedy anywhere, and the timing seemed, well, timely.

Just a five-minute wait and the congee cart arrived bearing congee made with pork and thousand-year-old egg, nicely made fun gor (stuffed with collard greens, for an off-putting whiffy smell when cut them open), shrimp dumplings, pork sui mai. The next cart had char siu buns, delicious chicken feet, egg rolls and more. There were sweets, too.

Our six dishes were just $14 and tip, and we'll definitely go back.

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