Cafe Coco Formula for Satisfaction



This flier appeared at work some weeks ago to tempt us. We're not that close to Coco, especially considering midtown traffic, but look -- they deliver! Just the idea of a change of scenery for lunch lured a group of us the long 10 blocks to lunch.

Besides offering delivery, Coco has put on the full-court press of discounts: Munchie Mondays ($1 off appetizers), Turkey-Rockin' Tuesdays ($1 off turkey with spinach artichoke dip sandwich) and Wrapppin' Wednesdays ($1 off wraps). Although it was Thick 'N Juicy Thursday ($1 off burgers), it was just impossible to pass up the formaggio panino with tomato and pesto. It sounded really good, was as good as it sounded, and cost less than $7.

Coco's menu is huge, but I've struck out a time or two (poutine, soup of the day) on other visits. Normally that would mean I'd never venture past the panino, but it's boring to be a person who orders the same thing every time. What do other people get at Coco that's as reliably good as the formaggio panino?

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