Wine Wednesday: Getting Saucy



Recently offered a special on a wine class taught by "The Saucy Sisters" at the Professional Bartending School of Nashville at a discounted price of $25. If you haven't signed up for Groupon alerts yet, you should definitely do yourself a favor and get on that list. They often have some great dining deals that many Bites readers are already taking advantage of.

The Saucy Sisters are Barbara Nowak and Beverly Wichman, charming siblings from New Jersey who hosted a wine radio show on WAMB in Nashville for five years, then the "Sauced! with the Saucy Sisters" podcast for a period after that. They are taking a hiatus from their show to work on their fourth book and to teach wine classes like the one they offer twice a month at the Professional Bartending School hidden on the second floor of the Donelson Plaza shopping Center.

Natural entertainers, Barbara and Beverly have their rap down, finishing each others' sentences and cracking wise as they seek to demystify and take the snobbery out of the wine-tasting experience. During a three-hour class, students taste six affordably priced wines while learning how to fake their way through having to be the one to taste the wine at a business dinner, the history and manufacturing process of wine, basic information about different varietals and food pairing and how to find a good value on a restaurant's wine list.

The class is held in a smallish room with about 20 students seated at a bar and around cocktail tables, so the atmosphere is casual and chummy. Food is available to cleanse your palate and soak up the alcohol, but don't go expecting a great meal. Think Lunchables.

Was it rudimentary? Yes. Was it kind of cheesy at times? Sure. But for an entertaining evening of tasting and talking about wine, the Saucy Sisters know how to have a good time. It's a wine tasting you could take a total rookie to and they would come away with a good foundation to begin a lifetime of oenophilia.

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