Les Fashionables Do Lunch



A well-heeled person whom we'll call Tolstoy from a certain country we'll call Bolshevia had lunch at a restaurant in New York on Friday. With three people ordering the same $195 truffle tagiolini entree, it was going to be a not-inexpensive lunch.

A copy of the itemized bill was slipped to tmz.org. The party of 10 (although the tab says 6) drank several bottles of wine, including a Chateau Petrus and two magnums of Cristal, the effervescent alcohol of rap artists and hip-hop lyrics because "bub" and "hot tub" rhyme so nicely and the bottle is pretty.

The gratuity was $7,000, and the party was said to have kicked in an additional $5,000.

It's great advertising for the restaurant. On the other hand, now everyone knows how marked-up the wines are.

And really, if you spent $50,000, wouldn't you want the tab to list the vintages of the wines?

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