Calling All Knurds



What does it take to be an official Beerknurd at the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium? It's simple, just sign up either in person or on their website and give them $18.00.

What do you get as a member of the club? Well, a free t-shirt, some other random gifts throughout the year and the chance to join their Ring of Honor by sampling at least 200 different selections of the Flying Saucer's huge variety of beers. But not in one night. The Exxon Tiger Mart next door is apparently prime Titan DUI hunting territory for Metro PD.

One of the premiums is the official Flying Saucer 2009 Beerknurd Calendar which will be released on Monday, Aug. 31.The calendars are available only to U.F.O. Club members and are free. The calendars will be available starting Monday, and quantities are limited. Calendars are limited to one per person, and current and new Beerknurds can get one, while they last. It's a 13-month calendar.

Rumor has it that a local Beerknurd might even be featured in the calendar as a man (or woman) of the month. You'll just have to join the club and show up to find out for sure.

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