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Nashville Slow Ride is my kind of Meetup group. Slowness. Bikeness. And people whose idea of "starting a ride" is to drink two beers.


Twelve or 15 slow riders met up at Beyond the Edge at Five Points and took off for a leisurely roll through Shelby Bottoms and the bike-friendly environs. Thick gray clouds were a little ominous, especially as the sky turned black as the ride reached the halfway point. But what's a little rain when you're riding with friends?

Then the heavens opened up, and, in flagrant violation of the Nashville Slow Ride founding principle, the riders sprinted to the home of a friend of someone on the ride, who gave us PBRs and cleaned up a nasty set of gashes that poured blood into my sock.


The group sort of scattered. My plan had been to finish the ride with a cycle over the Shelby Street bridge to Past Perfect. Instead, I packed up the bike and went to Broadway Brewhouse for a dose of anesthesia.

What's another beer-to-beer bike ride that should be on Nashville Slow Ride's radar?

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