Beet Beat Meets CZOJ: A Contest!



Me here. Still not orange.

In fact, I've given up the Carrot Zinger Orangification Journey--my quest to turn myself orange through ingesting massive quantities of Fresh Blends' Carrot Zingers. At my peak intake--almost 100 ounces of carrot-beet-ginger-lemon juice a week--I wasn't even the slightest bit peach-toned.

Over the past few weeks of the CZOJ, I've become addicted to my morning stops at the Belmont store. I just can't drink any more carrots. So it's time for a new drink. Something less orange. Less carroty. Something more, I don't know....beety!

In the spirit of the Beet Beat--Bites' salute to summer's ruby-red diversity of beets--Fresh Blends owner Tony Reall has offered to host a contest for us.

Whoever comes up with the best beet-based juice recipe--as determined by Tony and the Fresh Blends team--will win a free regular-size juice or smoothie for a week. So have at it, Biters. Submit your best beet blends and we'll have Tony and the gang, you know, give 'em a whirl.

We'll announce a winner on Monday, July 20.

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