CZOJ: A Carroty Update and a Juicy Calendar


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No, I'm not orange yet. Things keep getting in the way of my Fresh Blends morning ritual, so I've actually missed quite a few daily does of Carrot Zinger. But I've upped my intake to 24 ounces a visit, which has been about four days a week. You'd think 96 ounces of carrot-beet-ginger-lemon juice a week could still have some effect on skin tone.

Most recently I was diverted from my juicy constitutional by a venal case of the flu that roiled through my house. Now, I'm not saying massive does of carrot juice can shield you from a GI bug, I'm just saying that while 40 percent of my household was puking its guts out, I was fine--if you consider mopping up puke "fine." And my skin looks really clear right now. Carrots? Who knows?

One thing I can say for sure is that when I stop by Fresh Blends in Belmont and Amy Rowland fires up that big-ass juicer, my mouth starts to water. And when she squeezes the ounce or so of fresh lemon juice into the bottom of the plastic glass, watch out Pavlov, because I am salivating like a dog in a room full of jingle bells.

If you want to try your own Fresh Blends concoction, keep the following schedule of specials in mind, which will be available at both stores:

Monday: Free enhancer in smoothies

Tuesday: 10 percent off all juices

Wednesday: Buy one get one half-off on juices and smoothies

Thursday: An extra punch in your card when you buy a large smoothie or juice

Friday: 1/2 shot wheatgrass added to juice or smoothie for $1, or full shot for $2.


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