Talk About Fast Food, I Got Your Bun Right Here



[Ed. note: This post may only be tangentially food-related, but I can just about guarantee there was drink involved.]

One of the best things about The City Paper/Nashville Post's new sparkly, glossy larger format is that there is more room in the back for the eight pages of legal notices. Nestled among all the foreclosures and substitute trustee notices (yawn) was this little gem.

Apparently a certain "T.R." residing in West Allis, Wisconsin, is petitioning for the termination of parental rights of her little bundle of joy, "M.J.R." The rub is that she's not exactly sure who the father is.

What she is certain of, according to the legal notice, is that the physical description of the alleged parent is, "Caucasian, appearing to be age 18 to 21, blonde or brown hair" and that the details of the conception were sometime in "Mid-August 2008" in "Nashville, TN- house party-address unknown."

So if you're the baby daddy and you vaguely remember "T.R." better than she remembers you, do the right thing and man up about your parental responsibility. For the rest of you all, it is officially house party/cookout/apartment complex kegger hook-up season. Please do your part and drink responsibly and don't forget to wrap your Whopper.

What do you know? It was about food after all.

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