The Return of Iron Fork: First Fiddleheads, Now What?



It's been about a year since Deb Paquette took home the gold for her inventive use of fiddlehead ferns at the Scene's inaugural Iron Fork culinary competition. At that event, many of the 1,200 guests got their first glimpse of the intriguing green shoots, which recall the flavor of asparagus and are slightly toxic.

Kudos to the Whole Foods team for picking such an au courant ingredient. According to this this Wall Street Journal magazine piece, fiddleheads are all the rage now in Montreal, where foraged or "found" foods are the height of culinary chic.

At the second annual Iron Fork on May 6, Whole Foods and Delvin Farms will conspire to pick the secret ingredient that chefs Jason Love, Bart Pickens, Guerry McComas, Jeremy Barlow and Tandy Wilson will have to prepare for the judges. Who knows what that edible variable will be, but for an idea of how various foods could play to the chefs' strengths, check out this week's dining column.

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