Iced Coffee Season Cometh



I just tried to purchase an iced coffee at Panera. (Please hold your comments about Panera, I'm talking about iced coffee here, and we can discuss corporate chain bakeries later, and, anyway, it was for a friend. Jeez. By the way, have you tried Panera's Cobblestone muffin?)

Unfortunately, Panera does not sell iced coffee per se. Of course, you can purchase regular coffee and pour it over ice from the soda fountain, but this gesture of caffeinated MacGyvering only produces a drink I like to call Cold Water with Light Roast Flavoring.

While CWwLRF is not a good beverage, at least there's lots of it, because the ice melts instantly, leaving you with more insipid liquid than the average GI system can handle. In other words, it tastes like dishwater, but you can share it with someone. Neat.

But I digress. What I really meant to ask was who makes good iced coffee?

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