Put Another Frog on the Fire: Amphibian Consumption Jumps



Perhaps as many as a billion wild frogs are caught each year, largely for consumption, according to an Australian-led study in the journal Conservation Biology.

Indonesia exports and consumes the largest amount of frogs--some 5,000 metric tons. France and the United States import the most frogs' legs.

"Amphibians are already the most threatened animal group...because of disease, habitat loss and climate change--man's massive appetite for their legs is not helping," researcher Corey Bradshaw of Adelaide University in Australia told an interviewer.

That 1 billion figure was arrived at by studying United Nations trade data, which Bradshaw admits still leaves a great deal of uncertainty about the figure.

Not included in the study were amphibians that are farmed for food.

Next time you see a school-age child turn up his nose at a perfectly acceptable meal, remind him that, according to Bradshaw, frog legs "are on the menu at school cafeterias in Europe ... and dinner tables across Asia." Makes fish sticks look better and better.

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