Check Your Eggo's at Downtown Presbyterian Church's Waffle Shop


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Decades ago, when Church Street was the hub of Nashville retail, downtown shoppers would take a load off--and put a load on--at the Downtown Presbyterian Church's annual Waffle Shop & Bazaar. Held the first Thursday in December every year, starting in 1926, the event would serve up a hearty brunch of hand-pressed waffles, breakfast meats and coffee to weary souls needing a respite from Harvey's and Castner-Knott.

Downtown Christmas shopping may have gone the way of Church Street's electric cable cars, but the Waffle Shop tradition is alive and well. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. today, six bucks gets you a homemade waffle, grits, your choice of turkey hash or sausage, and coffee and spiced tea. It's at 154 Fifth Ave. N.; call 254-7584 for more information. If nothing else, maybe it'll fill the void in our bellies left by Muddea's Famous Chicken and Waffles.



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