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I love tattoos, and think they are the very epitome of hotness. Never got one myself, though, because I couldn't conjure an image, or even a noun, that summed it all up.

But that's because I hadn't discovered food tattoos. Chowhound spotted the trend recently and has a Top Ten food tattoos feature. A bounteous banana split! A porkalicious pig! A fleeing truffle! Now here was a category that, unlike a Chinese character or a celtic knot, that you could commit to for life.

Flickr has a food tattoos pool, too. Apparently cupcakes are a popular new tattoo. I love the brilliant banana here. Not sure I could commit to a banana for life, but okay.

The Flickr stream includes a tattoo of likeable Mr. Kool-Aid that's the tattoo opposite of food adoration, and I'd love to interview the owner. Who hates Kool-Aid? Enough to get a tattoo of it? 


It's too good a topic to stop here, so Bites will periodically update this important story. If you were to get a food tattoo, what would it be? And just as important, where?

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