India Festival Sept. 27



This week's review of Bombay Palace, the casually elegant Indian hole in the wall on West End Avenue, includes a preview of this weekend's India Festival at Sri Ganesha Temple. A celebration in honor of Mahatma Gandhi's birthday, the event will spotlight Indian crafts and culture, from music to henna painting—but food will be a central component.

Here's your chance to explore the wide world of Indian cuisine beyond chicken tikka masala. While CTM and other saucy North Indian staples are increasingly popular among local lunch buffets, they represent a small sliver of the palette of foods in the world's second most populous country. This weekend, five bucks buys a plate of specialties from one of the eight regions represented at the event.

A few highlights from the South include bisibelebath (a dish of rice, lentils and vegetables, from the state of Karnataka); masala dosa (paper-thin rice pancakes stuffed with spiced potatoes, from the state of Tamil Nadu); and tamarind rice from the state of Andhra Pradesh. Northern Indian specialties will include chole bhatura (spicy chickpeas and deep-fried bread made of flour).

The event is 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday. Admission is $1. If you get there this weekend, report back on Bites.

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