Sip Cafe & Mike's Ice Cream: This Butter Be Good



Hmmm. Must be something in the (thick, hot, sticky) air, because members of the Bites Brigade have been making a run on ice cream/espresso combinations. While my selection lacked a highfalutin' name like affogato, I can say it holds its own with any ice cream-based delicacy in this town, and kicks the cellulite-laden asses of 95 percent of them. What, you ask, is this übertreat? Well, it's so new it doesn't even have a name, other than "Butter Pecan Milk Shake With Two Shots of Espresso."

The creation of an unknown customer at Sip Cafe/Mike's Ice Cream, as told to ace barista/scoopman Keller, the BPMSWTSOE was nothing short of bombtastic, thanks in no small part to the delightful Mike's Ice Cream, which is made just a few doors away, and Sip's exceptionally fine espresso (made from Counter Culture beans, if memory serves me). My particular incarnation was painstakingly prepared by barista/scooper extraordinaire Jordan Caress. (She's also a fabulous singer-songwriter—check out There's something about the blend of butter pecan and espresso that melds into an almost praline-like delirium. And it's the one calorie-bomb that injects you with enough caffeine to go run it off right after you drink it! I'll be back for more.

And I'm inspired to steal an old White Castle ad campaign and adapt it for my nefarious purposes: "BPMSWTSOE for breakfast? Why not!"

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