Sing for Your Supper: Win Iron Fork Tickets Here!



The countdown has begun to the April 30 debut of Iron Fork, the Scene's culinary death match among kitchen titans Deb Paquette, Will Uhlhorn, Bobby Benjamin, Sean Norton and Clay Greenberg.

Event sponsor Whole Foods Market has the honor of selecting The Secret Ingredient, and knowing the Earth-lovers over at the Green Hills temple of all things organic, sustainable and fully priced, TSI will no doubt be a hard cheese aged in the cave of endangered bats or a non-genetically modified citrus fruit bearing an uncanny resemblance to a character from the bar in Star Wars.

But just imagine if Iron Fork were orchestrated by anti-foodie trans-fat lovers like Tobin the Gnome, or brand-extension junkies like Mr. Pink, or drive-through addicts like yours truly? (Yes, Claudia, I was in the Wendy's line when you called. What of it?) We could pick a Secret Ingredient that would need no further embellishment. Like, for example, a No. 6 combo. Or Bugles.

So in the spirit of keeping things real, I am hereby offering a pair of free tickets to Iron Fork to the best suggestion for a Secret Ingredient that Whole Foods would never pick.

To win, you must include your email address. The winner will be announced later. As soon as we choose one. Or you can just purchase your tickets here.

Allez cuisine!

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