Taking the Cake



In the tradition of such crazes as the 2001 Steakhouse Glut, the 2004 Frozen Custard Scare and the Bubble Tea Panic of '07, the cupcake epidemic now grips Middle Tennessee. With Gigi's and Dulce Desserts both doing big business within blocks of Music Row, you'd think the region's frosting reserves would be depleted.

Wrong! Coming on extra-strong is Jessica Parsons at Franklin's Cuppycakes Bakery, whose cupcakes-on-demand business has already outgrown its first home in the crannies of Franklin's The Cocoa Tree. Now known as Cuppycakes Bakery and Confections (and bolstered by a snazzy new website), operations have moved to a new kitchen fashioned out of Parsons' garage near Spring Hill, where she's been joined by her mother, chocolatier Cathy Parsons.

That's a long way to drive even for butter-cream frosting—except for the fact that Cuppycakes delivers. Call (615) 569-8342, and Parsons will convey cupcakes—along with raspberry chambord truffles, petit fours, and her mother's other concoctions—as far as Hermitage, North Nashville and Belle Meade. Cupcakes are available by the dozen starting at $24, and Parsons includes a delivery fee.

Pictured is the 18 Karat Cake: carrot cake with cream-cheese frosting, gilded with edible gold dust. Talk about the Midas touch.

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