Opening Mitch—The Sequel



Typically, when you mix musicians and free food, it spells disaster. But the above crew—(l. to r.) Brenda Colladay (The Grand Ole Opry's photograph and museum curator), Chuck Mead (of BR549 fame), Warren Pash (who co-wrote Hall & Oates' "Private Eyes"), drummer/producer Ken Coomer (who's played with Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Tim Finn and Steve Earle), and singer-songwriter Sarah Hays—was disappointingly well-behaved at a pre-opening party at Mitchell Delicatessen, which swings into full operation Saturday (as noted in a previous post). We were hoping for an Idolator-worthy scene of drug-fueled debauchery, but the above assemblage provided little to gossip about. (Well, Chuck Mead did use a four-letter word, and we saw Warren Pash tear the corner off a takeout menu in a fit of rage.)

The soiree raised high hopes for East Nashville residents. A superb cheese selection, gourmet deli meats, grilled veggies, great curried chicken salad and beef pinwheels were among the samplings, and nothing disappointed. Can't wait till Saturday....

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